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Unlock the door to global opportunities by mastering your IELTS with our specialized preparation courses. As an official partner of the British Council and a registered IELTS center, LcL Language Institute offers premium instruction tailored to elevate your English language proficiency.

Standing for International English Language Testing System, the IELTS test measures the English comprehension of the people for academic, business or general language purposes. The test evaluates four main language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) and has got two versions:

  • IELTS Academic: is for people applying to admission at a college or university.
  • IELTS General Training: is for the individuals moving to an English-speaking country such as UK, Australia or Canada or for applying to jobs in the mentioned countries.

Official Partnership

Tailored 1:1 IELTS Preparation

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Start your journey to IELTS success with our private preparation courses. This personalized training, comprised of a minimum of 8 units, is designed to target your unique strengths and improve upon areas requiring attention.

All courses are helmed by experienced IELTS educators dedicated to helping you reach your academic potential. Our up-to-date materials, personalized feedback, and commitment to excellence help you achieve your desired IELTS score.

Through these targeted teaching strategies, students prepare to excel in the IELTS exam and develop a firm foundation in English that will serve them in their academic and professional futures.

What is included in your IELTS preparation course

Personalized Study Plans: Using your language skill assessment results, our instructors create a custom study plan focusing on your weakest areas, whether those are reading, writing, speaking, or listening, to maximize learning efficiency.
Exam Strategies Training: Instructors teach students effective time management and question analysis techniques to familiarize and help them master the unique structure and timing pressures of the IELTS exam.
Task-Based Learning: Our approach involves engaging with real-world communicative tasks mirroring the types of exercises you’ll face in the IELTS, such as summarizing texts, writing essays, or conducting conversations.
Vocabulary Expansion: Students are immersed in a variety of topics to build the broad lexical foundation essential for achieving a high score in all four sections of the IELTS, giving special attention to collocations, idiomatic expressions, and academic vocabulary.
Grammar focus: Instructors conduct dedicated sessions to tighten grammar proficiency, ensuring students can use complex structures accurately and with flexibility across different parts of the exam.
Pronunciation: Accurate and clear pronunciation is vital for the speaking section.

Course offer: our course packages

Enjoy your training with a fair 60-minute unit:

  • 8 learning units 560 EUR
  • 10 learning units 660 EUR
  • 12 learning units 750 EUR

You need more time for the preparation? Contact us and we make a special offer for you!

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