French Language Courses A1, A2, B1

Our French language course epitomizes elegance and internationality. Experience the fascinating language used in diplomacy, mail, and fashion in a warm, friendly atmosphere with small classes. With up to 8 people in each of our classrooms in the heart of Vienna, you will quickly reach language levels A1, A2, or B1. Seize this opportunity and let yourself be enchanted by our linguistic charm!

Study for an entire 60-minute lesson unit with us!

Learn perfect pronunciation with our language course: French lessons in the modern LcL Language Lab.

Discover the beauty of the French language with us and improve your pronunciation from the start! Our language course lets you regularly participate in on-site lessons in the modern LcL Language Lab with our experienced language trainers. These sessions will help you make rapid progress and lead to confident conversation skills. At our institute, you’ll perfect your intonation and pronunciation, and feel more and more confident in applying your French skills. Learn to use this worldly language and speak with a refined accent at work or on your next vacation.

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What you’ll make happen in our French lessons

Acquire first language skills or deepen existing ones at a fast or leisurely pace.

Native speaker instructors teach you about language structures and culture with carefully selected materials.  Prepare carefully for upcoming conversations of your choice.

Our lesson plans aim at fulfilling specific learning aims with planned reading and practice opportunities.

We adhere to existing, standardized regulations that are subjected to quality control so we can ensure our language offers remain a high-level service.

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