English Course for Finance and Accounting B2+

Master the Language of Money

Our dynamic Finance English course is tailored specifically to individuals who are determined to master the specialized language of finance at the B2+ level.

This course is designed to expand your vocabulary and strengthen your communication skills.

Immerse yourself in this topics essential to finance, including accounting, retail banking, loans and credits, central banking, stock, and shares, negotiating, derivatives, and asset management.

Throughout the course, you will engage with a variety of interactive materials and practical activities that will prepare you to discuss complex financial concepts with confidence and precision.

An overview of the perfect investment in your professional growth

Reading and listening: Enhance your reading and listening comprehension skills for a range of financial texts and conversation types, allowing you to stay informed about the latest industry trends and research.
Speaking: Confidently express opinions, make recommendations, and offer advice on matters related to retail banking, loans, and credits. Interpret and articulate the nuances of stock and shares. Engage in complex negotiations involving financial instruments and investments.
Writing: Describe and explain the mechanisms of derivatives trading and asset management with the precision required for clear, professional communication.

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English Course for Finance and Accounting B2+



At the LcL Institute

Spittelberggasse 22, 1070 Vienna


From Monday until Thursday | You choose: 08:15-11:15 or11:30-14:30 or 17:00-20:00

Course price:

940 EUR

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