Individual Phonetic Training - Further Education for Language Trainers

How our pronunciation training empowers you

As a passionate foreign language trainer, you aim to further develop your remarkable linguistic skills and deep understanding of the language. While you already possess impressive skills, your goal is to refine your pronunciation to seamlessly blend in with native speakers and other language trainers. You understand that having an accent-free pronunciation not only has aesthetic appeal but also signals expertise and professionalism.

Our specially designed Phonetics Training at the LcL Language Lab offers you the opportunity to perfect your pronunciation and reduce your accent in just four weeks, alongside our linguistic experts. This course is tailor-made for ambitious language trainers like yourself, aiming to increase your existing knowledge and strengthen your language proficiency. With the additional polish you’ll receive, you will be able to communicate on par with native speakers and leave a lasting impression in any situation.

Let your determination and courage guide you, as your efforts will lead to acquiring a higher level of language competence that sets you apart from others. Be confident and motivated, as this course will help you achieve your goals and sound like a native speaker.

What to expect from our indivudual phonetics course

Fundamental principles of phonetics: Understand the science behind speech sounds and how they are created
Accurate articulation: Techniques for precise sound production
Tone patterns & intonation: Master rising and falling intonation to convey intended messages and emotions
Active listening & repetition: Harness the power of listening to native speakers and the power of repetition to improve your accent
Self-awareness in speech: Listen to yourself, analyze your pronunciation, and identify areas for improvement
Rhythm and stress patterns: Learn rhythmic stress patterns and their significance in word and sentence formation
Common pronunciation mistakes: Identify and correct the most common errors non-native speakers make

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