LcL Language Courses in Vienna with Lodging

With LcL, the school with the Language Lab for learning German, English, or other languages, you can combine your language studies with a stay in a room or apartment in Vienna. You’re already planning to visit our beautiful city and learn a language, but don’t know where you can stay?

On this page, you’ll find living spaces tailor-made for students and professionals. We’re happy to provide a personal housing code when you book a language course. With this code, you receive a discount on your chosen accommodation in Vienna. Just let us know which accommodation you’ve chosen, and once you’ve finished your course registration, we’ll give you your housing code. With this code, you can book your accommodation at a discount.

Don’t have a housing code for your LcL language course in Vienna? Please ask us for one at the LcL reception! Link

Looking for student housing, an apartment, a hotel, or a hostel in Vienna?

We can connect you with top-quality, fully furnished accommodations at a fair price. Find a place to stay with many benefits and additional services – at the location of your choice and close to public transportation, including connections that take you to our school.

Depending on the length of your stay, our partners offer a variety of accommodations.

You can combine your language course with housing for a few days, a few weeks, a semester, or even a year. Learn German, English, Spanish, French, or another language in Vienna! We offer leisure time courses that you can easily combine with a short stay in the city. Would you like to prepare for your studies or job in a German-speaking country? Our semester courses or standard intensive courses are best suited for this task.

Scroll down to find the perfect place for you.

Living, studying, working, and learning a language in Vienna

It’s official: Vienna is the world’s most livable city. The variety of educational and cultural facilities, along with the local and international businesses, attract people from all around the world to Vienna. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in museums or good food, the global atmosphere or Austrian traditions, modern city living or historical architecture – there’s something for everyone here! With good language skills, you’ll have an easier time getting to know the city and its people, giving you a deeper understanding of what makes Vienna unique. Travel makes you smarter, and learning a language makes you wiser. Glance through our variety of language offers – for everyday, studying, and work.

Planning an extended stay in Vienna? Visit our FAQ section: Visa, entry, and residence.


The Social Hub

Distance from the LcL Institute: 25 min. by subway, approximately 20 min. by car, about 50 min. on foot

Hotel Gilbert

Distance from the LcL Institute: about 3 min. on foot.

7th Heaven Apartments

Distance from LcL Institute: about 3 min. on foot.

Vienna Boutique Hostel

Distance from LcL Institute: approximately 10 min. by tram | about 9 min. by car | about 18 min. on foot.


Combine your language course with accommodation in Vienna