German Pre-Study Courses A1-B1 & B2-C1

Studying in German in Austria – In just 16 weeks a pre-study German course will prepare you for your studies in Vienna, your German exam, and your job. At LcL you can start learning German in an A1-B1 beginner’s course or build on your German skills in a higher-level B2-C1 course. Each course is booked separately.

LcL German pre-study courses were designed with enrollment in the University of Vienna or any other Austrian higher learning institution in mind. These institutions require that you demonstrate German skills at the C1-level as defined by the CEFR.

The courses teach basic to complex German writing and speaking skills. These will help you pass the mandatory pre-study German language exam and get you ready for your chosen course of study. Learn to listen, speak, read, and write in English – not just for your personal use, but also for field-specific university related language use. The beginner’s course (for up to level B1) and the advanced course (for up to level C1) include relevant preparation for the A2 or C1 German exam required for further study in Austria.

This course includes participation in the LcL Language Lab, where you increase your knowledge of pronunciation and Phonetics. The Language Lab helps you cement your understanding of the German language and keep up in your lectures. Contact us if you’d like to sign up for an online course.

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