Spanish Business Communication B2

What you master in the Spanish Business Communication B2

In this course, you will actively develop your already advanced language skills in Spanish, with a specific focus on business communication.
In your first modules, you’ll refine and improve your grammar and vocabulary with your instructor. Then, you’ll learn to use complex sentences and specialized terminology from various business sectors to express your opinions in business discussions and to conduct negotiations. Additionally, you’ll concentrate on enhancing your written skills by composing professional reports, presentations, and business letters at an advanced level.
As the course progresses, we will study specific business scenarios that you may encounter throughout your professional career. Regular practice sessions in our exclusive LcL language lab will involve role-plays where you negotiate, engage in challenging (employee or customer) conversations in Spanish, cultivate business relationships, and prepare and deliver complex presentations. These role-plays will be recorded, which allows your language teacher to work on the important task of developing your communication skills, rhetorical strength, and persuasive abilities in a business context as you analyze the recordings together.
Our experienced instructors will also provide insights into the cultural nuances and customs of the Spanish-speaking business world. You will learn to navigate intercultural challenges and communicate constructively with business partners from Spain, Latin America, or other Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish Business Communication B2 in a nutshell:

Developing grammar and vocabulary further to construct complex sentences and apply specialized terminology in business communication.
Composing professional reports, presentations, and business letters at an advanced level to enhance written skills within a business context.
Improving rhetorical skills and persuasive abilities to successfully conduct negotiations, cultivate business relationships, and deliver complex presentations in Spanish.
Gaining insights into the cultural nuances and customs of the Spanish-speaking business world to communicate effectively and respectfully with Spanish-speaking business partners.

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Spanish Business Communication B2



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