Latin Preparation Course for the Baccalaureat or or Supplementary Austrian University Examination

What you practice in your Latin exam

Latin – exam preparation

To study certain courses at an Austrian university (e.g., humanities, law, medicine, linguistics or history), you must demonstrate skills in Latin. If you didn’t take the Latin Matura exam, you can make up your Latinum with the Latin supplementary exam. This Latin course teaches the skills relevant to the Latin exam you’re taking for school, university or your job. Over the course of 16 weeks and 64 clearly structured Latin units, you acquire the Latin language skills (except for medical terms) you need to pass your written and oral Latin exam.

Latin – course content and exam training

Learn Latin forms, syntax, and basic vocabulary according to the textbook
Translate simple Latin texts into German
Encounter select relevant passages from Roman history, cultural history, and mythology

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