Write your novel!

"Prose" is the name given to all literary text forms that are neither meant for actors, nor poems. From essay to detective novel - in this workshop you can have your writing project professionally and inspirationally guided. 

Our writing expert
Mag. Peter Neugschwentner

"I am a graduate of the 14th year of Scenic Writing at the Berlin University of the Arts and for over ten years now, I have been writing texts for theaters. My plays have been performed in Berlin, Vienna, Potsdam, Koblenz and Bielefeld, and many more. In 2020, I received the Austrian „Start-Scholarship“ for literature for my prose texts. My texts are represented by RUA Kooperative for text and direction. I have given writing courses in the past at „Schauspiel Wuppertal“, „Landestheater Detmold“ and Bielefeld."

"For me, literature means questioning language. It also means questioning reality and making new realities possible. I always find it wonderful to bring literary writing closer to other people, because with every new voice, a bit of a new present also becomes possible."

What you'll learn in this workshop

Literary feedback culture
Understanding the broad spectrum of prose
Writing techniques, specific to your project
Understanding what makes a text thrilling
Tools to find your own literary voice

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