Scientific writing with ease!

Every researcher becomes an expert on their topic, but they often don’t know how to share their expertise. Don’t be the only person who benefits from what you know. Learn to write English academic texts that your professors will take seriously and your readers can understand.

Our language expert
Mag. Miriam Kathleen Carter

“I’m a teacher, editor, and translator. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Studies from the University of Vienna and a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) from LCC International University. My students come from all over the world – I’ve taught learners from the Philippines, Oman, Georgia, Ethiopia, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, and more. In the past, I’ve worked with private language schools in Austria and abroad, the LCC Summer Language Institute, and the TU Wien. I also proofread, edit, and translate business and academic texts for private clients.”

“Language is a tool, not a persona. I’m passionate about understanding the impact your use of language has on how you’re perceived, and how you can utilize these features to share what is unique to you in an authentic way. I find ways to help you express your knowledge, ideas, personality, and experiences so you can enrich others and be enriched by them.”

What you learn in this workshop:

Write clear and reader-friendly paragraphs that follow structural guidelines
Use English academic and scientific vocabulary to replace vague and informal language
Learn grammar and stylistic devices for writing objective and easy-to-follow texts
Practice paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism
Utilize efficient research methods for finding the most relevant information at a faster pace
Understand the difference between academic writing and speech or other writing styles to write better scientific texts

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