Intensive German Course for Opera Singers A1

What you'll learn in our A1 course

In this specialized course, we train your foundational German language skills, focusing on everyday situations and communication occasions. You'll learn how to introduce yourself, ask for directions, and express basic needs and desires.
Our course has a special emphasis on phonetic training. We ensure that you master the characteristic sounds and rhythms of the German language from the start. These skills are vitally important for opera singers, who not only need to understand the meaning of texts but also deliver them with precise articulation.
Additionally, we offer insights into life and culture in Austria. Become familiar with what you need to know about social interactions, important holidays, and typical everyday situations. This knowledge allows you to go beyond a theoretical understanding of German as you place the language in its cultural context.
In the LcL Language Lab, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to perfect your pronunciation. Use its advanced tools to assess your language skills in real time, adjust your pronunciation, and receive immediate feedback on your articulation.

Overview of A1.1 and A1.2 language course content:

Pronunciation training in the LcL Language Lab
Foundational skills like using greetings and shopping
Elementary grammar and vocabulary, as well as forming sentences with simple conjunctions
Listening to and understanding simple German, asking questions, and responding to them
Writing simple texts, such as invitations, using simple grammar

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