Exclusive German Courses for Opera Singers

Learn German and speak it perfectly:

Opera singers require a deep understanding of language and the ability to sing each word clearly and understandably, especially while performing in a city like Vienna, filled with music. Correct intonation and proper pronunciation are essential for conveying emotions and telling a story, whether in an intimate opera house or a grand performance.

With this course objective in mind, we offer specialized language training that follows Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) requirements and meets the specific needs of opera singers performing in Vienna, the world's music capital.

With Skilled Language Trainers on Your Side – Language Classes as a Holistic Experience

We place great importance on ensuring that our teaching staff are not only language experts but also understand music and singing. This awareness ensures that they address the specific requirements and challenges opera singers face.

Acquiring a native-like accent is especially important for opera singers. A pronounced accent can compromise the authenticity of a performance and detract from the story told in the piece. Our specialized training in the LcL Language Lab assists singers in perfecting their pronunciation, thus enhancing their overall vocal performance. Singers receive real-time feedback on their articulation, helping them identify and immediately correct mistakes. This feedback is instrumental as it sharpens self-awareness and accelerates the learning process.

We are proud to be the only language school in the industry offering this type of course. We look forward to accompanying many talented artists in taking their language skills to the next level.

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