German Intensive Course C1

How you benefit from the German course C1

The German intensive C1 course increases your German skills to levels C1.1 and C1.2, which is close to the German of native speakers. This course helps you read, listen, speak, and write correctly and spontaneously, as well as self-correct without drawing attention to your mistakes. You increase your vocabulary, learn to choose the correct word for each situation, and place words into complex sentence structures.
Additionally, a skilled instructor teaches you to use idiomatic word combinations and stylistic devices articulately, which will help you understand and produce metaphorical language (which can be found, e.g., in literature). This course prepares you to acquire the C1-level German required for enrolling at a university or other higher learning institution in a German-speaking country. In the LcL Language Lab, you can analyze and practice German word stress and intonation using listening tasks played by your instructor through your headphones.

Overview of language content German C1.1 + C1.2

Use German at a nearly native speaker level in complex language contexts
Utilize detailed grammar in connected sentences – even when discussing your area of expertise
Reproduce contents of texts spontaneously and almost flawlessly
Implement idiomatic turns of phrase and precise, differentiated, nuanced language
Write clearly structured texts about almost every topic
Study Phonetics in the LcL Language Lab

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German Intensive Course C1



At the LcL Institute

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From Monday until Thursday | You choose: 08:15-11:15 or 11:30-14:30 or 17:00-20:00

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992 EUR

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