German Courses for Your Career A1, A2, B1, B2 & C1

With hands-on lessons in the Language Lab: Whether you need German for first-time career entry at the elementary levels A1/A2, for your workday at intermediate levels A2/B1 and B1/B2, or for specific German skills at the advanced levels B2/C1 – on this LcL page, you’ll find the German courses you need to adapt to your workplace capably. Focus on language skills and competencies necessary for most jobs in Austria. These skills excellently supplement the traditional German integration course.

German for newcomers and working professionals in Austria

LcL German courses focusing on your professional life progressively teach you language structures and German for successful career entry, further education, or promotion. They support those who moved to Austria, those who already work there, and those helping others professionally. Improve your speaking and writing skills for and in your career. You’ll be better prepared to adapt to the Austrian labor market.

Practice German professional language at the Language Lab in Vienna

What makes our professional courses different from the usual course formats? With the help of our modern Language Lab, you also refine your language skills and expertise using your own self-awareness. Participate in regular Language Lab sessions and work on a case study from a business context. Every person in your group acts out a role of their choice (personnel manager, executive manager, client personnel) to become proficient in (demanding) conversations with colleagues and customers, complete negotiations, or solve (workplace) problems and conflicts. We record these roleplays so you and your language trainer can start analyzing your performance as soon as you visit the Language Lab again.

  • Correct style, word choice, sentence structure, grammar, and pronunciation mistakes
  • Evaluate your own performance: How well did I do? How did I react to feelings of stress? How did I utilize my voice, and how does that affect others?

This analysis shows your language progression – especially when you come to the end of your course.

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