German Compact Course C2

What heights you’ll reach in the German C2 course

This course includes oral and written language use on the topics of daily life, leisure time, and work, as well as science, research, art, and literature. Study the finer aspects of German communication through topics like culture, technology, and politics of German countries. Learn to comment on the nuances of these topics with accurate language and attention to detail. In this course you also utilize authentic texts from newspapers, magazines, and online publishers to practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Additionally, you summarize, discuss, and present the information you learn from these texts.

You learn to use idiomatic sayings, understand hidden meanings, and use them clearly and coherently. This course helps you pass the German C2 exam, which will be beneficial in highly skilled industries. Our LcL Language Lab*, in which you practice word stress and sentence intonation with computer-led, instructor-supervised exercises, is the icing on the cake that is your sophisticated German. *Online participation is also possible on request. In the case of online course participation, the phonetics units in the LcL language laboratory are omitted.

Overview of language content German C2.1 + C2.2

Carry out successful language acts, such as stating your opinion on a research article
Apply complex grammar and stylistic devices, understand challenging texts and tasks
Speak at length with natural fluency, making hardly any mistakes
Present your reasoning and explanations coherently
Understand slight, varied, and accent-related differences in meaning
Study Phonetics in the LcL Language Lab

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German Compact Course C2



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