German Compact Courses for Everyday Language A2-C2

If you decide to take the compact German course, you’re giving yourself more time to acquire German for a specific language level. Your expert instructor takes you through the learning material that you need to get to your goal language level at a moderate pace. This gives you more free time for study evenings and homework. Discover how to use and understand the German language step-by-step at a relaxed pace.

Semi-intensive/compact language courses like this one are especially good for jobholders or busy people who aren’t aiming to cram for a specific exam. You can focus on the German course material, as well as the values and integration knowledge for Austria, so you’re ready to take a German exam or integration exam at a later date.

Compact German language lessons for attaining levels A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 are currently available in person at our institute or online. Compact German courses A2-B1 level give you a quick overview of German, which helps you adjust rapidly to your job and daily life. The B2-C2-level courses strengthen your German skills for solid integration into professional life. All our German course teachers follow the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which ensures that your German lessons follow European language level norms. Our all-in-one course package is rounded out by regular visits to the LcL Language Lab*


*Online participation is also possible on request. In the case of online course participation, the phonetics units in the LcL language laboratory are omitted., where you can hone your pronunciation.

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