English Business Communication B1, B2, C1

In this Business English course for level B1+ or higher you learn to communicate confidently during your business workday. Whether you need professional language for administrative tasks, Corporate English for your next meeting or the ability to understand and speak with your colleagues and clients – this course makes it easy to learn the English you need.

Write professional letters, make phone calls, lead meetings, and give presentations with style and substance. Your knowledgeable instructor leads you through Business English training with efficient steps toward clear commercial language skills in English.

Perfect your listening and pronunciation skills, as well as your understanding of phonetics, in the exclusive LcL Language Lab. There, a speaking specialist will make your English sharp as a tack for your next financial deal.

English Corporate Language – practice in our exclusive LcL Language Lab

One of the ways our Business English courses differ from commonly used formats: Using our modern Language Lab, you can develop better language skills and expertise with the help of your own self-awareness. Throughout your course, you regularly visit our LcL Language Lab as a group and focus on a business-related case study. Everyone gets to choose their role (personnel manager, executive manager, client personnel) to excel in (complex) conversations with colleagues and customers, lead negotiations, or resolve (workplace) problems and conflicts.

We record your performance so you and your instructor can analyze your performance when you next revisit the Language Lab.

  • Correcting mistakes in style, sentence structure, grammar, and pronunciation, as well as learning more vocabulary
  • Evaluating your recording: What did I do well, and what could I improve? Did I respond well to feelings of stress? How did my voice change in the conversation, and how would others react to that?

As you listen to your recorded case study, you’ll hear how your language skills have improved during your course.

English Business Communication – with Versant™ Professional English Test and Certificate 

Improve English business communication and receive a widely respected certificate. In cooperation with Pearson, we offer English Business Communication courses with preparation for the Versant™ Professional English Test, which participants take at the end of the course. For more information about the test, click here:


At the start of your selected course, all participants receive a 30-minute online test to determine the course group’s proficiency in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. The instructor gets a detailed report of the results, which they use to adapt course content to participants’ English needs and fill any knowledge gaps. That way, participants are prepared for the final exam, taken online at the end of the course. Participants receive a certificate with an overall and individual assessment using the CEFR (Central European Framework of Reference) and a detailed Score Report analyzing their strengths and weaknesses in writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Tests, learning materials, and the certificate are included in the price, so there are no additional costs.

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