English Conversation Course B2/C1

How you improve your spoken English

Effortless discussions in the English language

This conversation course can be taken starting from level B2 and shows you how to have successful conversations in English. At language levels B2-C1, you train speaking to the point of being able to debate on a wide variety of topics. You’re invited to suggest which of the set discussion topics you would like to talk about with your teacher. Your teacher can also prepare topics for you to discuss at your language level. During these speaking exercises your instructor expands your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Our offer is rounded out with practical listening and speaking exercises in the LcL Language Lab*. There, you learn to practice and understand American and British English sounds, word stress, and sentence intonation. *Online participation is also possible on request. In the case of online course participation, the phonetics units in the LcL language laboratory are omitted.

Conversation acts

Using English for speaking
Understanding and producing spoken English
Choosing grammatically correct and articulate phrasing
Reacting well and being convincing in dialogue
Including deeper dive into Phonetics in the LcL language lab

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