Pre-study course B2-C1 incl. exam preparation C1

What you learn in this course

The skills you’ll master after 16 weeks in German B2-C1

This B2-C1 German course improves your German skills to C1.2, which is close to the German of native speakers, for study and work purposes. In the first part of the course, you build B2-level language skills. Then, in the second part, you strengthen and perfect your German speaking and writing. Learn to understand literal and abstract meanings in the German language and communicate in German with hardly any mistakes. The reading, listening, speaking, and writing modules help you use complex and coherent language to express your thoughts in your personal life and in university. the German part of Switzerland.

A skilled instructor equips you for your admission into an Austrian university and prepares you to participate in challenging conversations about controversial topics. Learn to use a wide range of vocabulary and elevated stylistic devices. These help you keep up in your lectures and seminars, as well as pass any university exam in German, which you’ll benefit from when you enter the workforce. In this course, you also prepare for the following C1 exams and their formats: ÖSD, Goethe, and telc. For everyone who wants to study in Austria, Germany or in the German part of Switzerland.

Overview of language skills for German B2-C1

Use German at a near native speaker level in complex language situations
Utilize grammar in connected sentences in your special field and subject area
Repeat the content of texts spontaneously and precisely with the ability to correct yourself
Apply strong idiomatic expressions in literal and metaphorical speech
Prepare for a C1 exam

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Pre-study Course B2-C1 incl. Exam Preparation C1



At the LcL Institute

Spittelberggasse 22, A-1070 Vienna


09:45-11:45 | 11:45-12:30 lunch break | 12:30-14:30

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