German Intensive Course for Managerial Professions and Negotiations C1/C2

Which skills you’ll perfect in your German course for professional management

This German language course for managerial professions deals with how to use German appropriately for personnel and business management in different departments, occupations, and industries. The German course for managers is suitable for leaders in any business sector. However, the focus is primarily on the management level of commercial companies.

We offer accurate department overviews, practical roleplays (case studies: act out tough conversations with employees, interviews, assessment center tasks, negotiations with a mediator present) and phonetic sessions in the exclusive LcL Language Lab.

Study in your place of business or on the go while you stay in the loop and keep an eye on your business. Learn about everything from job interviews, daily communication with employees and project management, to leading meetings, planning, and negotiation within your business and with other partners—master written competencies like writing letters, composing documents, and processing order. Practice language acts for directive purposes, use necessary stylistic devices, and refine your writing skills for typical and realistic situations.

The following course is aimed at advanced learners who want to increase and develop their German language skills for leadership and mentoring. Develop communication strategies using a variety of examples for different jobs (business administrator, baker, technician, geriatric nurse) that you can easily apply to your profession. For instance, learn strategies for having employee talks or consultations, participating in meetings with recorded minutes, explaining a technical device, and reacting to queries and complaints.

Appear as a natural leader in written and spoken form

German for leadership and negotiation purposes in business communication
Career and employment then and now: Work environment and information technology
Personnel politics: leadership competence, employee motivation, and team conflict resolution
Financial sectors and industries: the business idea, products, patents, conventions, orders & negotiations, taxes, and insurance
Project management: furnishing your office, scheduling appointments, and business trips
Dynamics across departments: bookkeeping, extended company structures, order fulfillment, media & cooperation
Professional responsibilities and functions: life-planning, job descriptions, behavior patterns, work atmosphere, and satisfaction
Practice grammar, vocabulary, and expressions for financial managerial positions and Phonetics in the LcL Language Lab

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