English Compact Course A1

What you learn in an 8-week compact A1 course

Course description English compact A1

The compact A1 English course teaches English skills for A1.1 and A1.2. Study foundational A1-level language items three times a week at a medium pace. Learn elementary English using reading, listening, speaking, and writing modules. These skills help you figure out what to do in everyday situations, e.g., living and shopping, in the English-speaking world. The language items you learn are included in a variety of/most English exams. Make it easier for others to understand you – get to know differences in word stress and word boundaries with the guidance of listening and speaking exercises in the LcL Language Lab*. *Online participation is also possible on request. In the case of online course participation, the phonetics units in the LcL language laboratory are omitted.

Overview of English A1.1 + A1.2 language content

Complete elementary language acts, e.g., greeting someone or buying a ticket
Use elementary grammar and vocabulary, make sentences with simple conjunctions
Understand slowly spoken English, ask and answer questions
Write elementary texts, such as invitations, using basic grammar
Study Phonetics in the LcL Language Lab

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ID: 18240

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English Compact Course A1



At the LcL Institute

Spittelberggasse 22, 1070 Vienna


Monday, Wednesday & Friday | You choose: 14:45-16:45 or 18:00-20:00

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560 EUR

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