English Business Communication Compact C1

What you learn in the compact Business English course for C1

In an increasingly globalized economy, the compact C1 English Business Communication course teaches you the office English and Corporate Language you need for confident interactions with trade and industry partners. Work and study at the same time in this part-time course.

Develop your Business English to communicate competently and participate in high-level negotiation with cooperation partners from here and abroad. Learn to interpret business conversations correctly, manage teamwork in English, and maintain good professional relationships. Practice making waves with your ideas and work out how to smooth out problems by starting important conversations.

In our LcL Language Lab, you participate in regular roleplay activities based on business-related case studies to practice (difficult) conversations with employees, interviews, and masterful negotiations. These will refine your speaking skills, accent, intonation, and pronunciation in English to help you communicate clearly in work situations and avoid miscommunication.

Embody competence with English Business Communication C1

Respond to key topics like brands and marketing, problems and solutions, logistics, working abroad, and entrepreneurship
Have professional conversations with business partners, write professional correspondence
Study specialized communication skills, such as active listening, collaborating, and influencing
Work as a team on case studies based on real scenarios in business to find support solutions
Practice English Phonetics, listening, and pronunciation
Versant™ Professional English Test and certificate

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English Business Communication Compact C1



At the LcL Institute

Spittelberggasse 22, 1070 Vienna


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday | You choose: 14:45-16:45 or 18:00-20:00

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690 EUR

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