English Business Communication Compact B1+

What do I train in Business English compact B1+

Learn to use English during your workday and in your professional life with this compact English Business Communication course that lets you work and study. Communicate with business partners, business institutions, as well as colleagues and clients.

Work and study as your instructor leads you through all the Business English language topics and speaking tasks you want to work on: From writing classic administrative letters and conducting phone calls, to using English for negotiations and conversations with foreign companies. During these exercises your teacher helps you acquire clear, comprehensible commercial English.

Participate in regular case study tasks (conversations with customers and colleagues, interviews, negotiations) in our specialized LcL Language Lab. These tasks are recorded so you can analyze and assess your performance to discover how you could improve your speaking. That way, you refine your pronunciation and listening comprehension to remove any obstacles that get in the way of your English-related goals.

Appear professional in your finance job

Use technical terms of the financial industry
Conduct professional conversations with business partners
Write and answer business correspondence
Participate in practical exercises in a realistic office environment
Practice English Phonetics, listening, and speaking
Includes immersion into phonetics at the LcL language lab
Versant™ Professional English Test and certificate

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English Business Communication Compact B1+



At the LcL Institute

Spittelberggasse 22, 1070 Vienna


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday | You choose: 14:45-16:45 or 18:00-20:00

Course price:

650 EUR

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