German Introductory Course Compact to Tourism and Hospitality Professions A2/B1

What you learn in the German course for tourism and hospitality

This German language course for tourism, the hotel industry, and gastronomy is perfect for A2/B1-level German learners who work in one of these tourism industries or would like to do so. The course allows you to work and study simultaneously and prepares you for professional interactions with hotel guests, colleagues, and superiors using clear and polished German.

If you participate in a face-to-face course, we offer Phonetics practice sessions in the exclusive LcL Language Lab. Practice your pronunciation while you focus on roleplay activities: act out (difficult) conversations with customers and employees, solving problems, and responding to complaints.

The German course is based on Austrian, and specifically Viennese, traditions for receptions, restaurants, and coffee houses. Learn about summer and winter tourism, local everyday life, as well as personal and legal regulations. This knowledge equips you for a tourism vocational school or your tourism profession. Review foundational German grammar structures and develop your vocabulary to include words that have proven helpful for communication situations in the tourism business.

Learn to use German gracefully and correctly for commercial tourism in online or in-person lessons – from topics like standard guests at inns and hotels to room service, special wishes, and even services outside the hotel, such as transportation, spa visits, or sightseeing. The course will also help you pass the written and spoken parts of the German tourism school exam.

Be hospitable in writing and speech

At the hotel reception: Reservations, checking in guests, luggage service, hotel inquiries, room furnishing, room ambiance, and room atmosphere, hotel and restaurant service, small talk, departure, and check-out
Leisure activities: buildings and locations, transportation schedules and directions, trips, sights and events, means of transportation, car renting, breakfast, seasons, weather, and sports offers
Dealing with complaints and inquiries: personnel and problems with the hotel, satisfaction, praise, and criticism
At the restaurant/café/bar: food and drink, dishes and cutlery, work uniform and tools, seating instructions, recommendations, orders and special requests, complaints, bills, and goodbyes
Bookkeeping, invoices, and writing: payment types, room categories, and room prices, hotel bills, numbers 100-100.000, protocols & written complaints
Marketing: visitor information, recommendations, website, and blog
Overview of sentence structures and word categories relevant to tourism topics
Practice Phonetics with pronunciation units in the LcL Language Lab

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German Introductory Course Compact to Tourism and Hospitality Professions A2/B1



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